Humanising Medicine - Being Human 2019

Being Human 2019 - Humanising Medicine

In celebration of the human side of medicine we held an evening of art and storytelling as part of the Being Human Festival 2019. The theme of Being Human was 'Discoveries and Secrets' and the theme for the Queen Mary-King's College London hub was 'This time it's personal'. 

The exhibition featured 140 artworks that represented experiences of health and/or illness on one day of someone's life or caring for the health of others. The evening included a series of short talks by a range of patients and professionals who shared their experiences of health and illness.

The event was held in Bart's Pathology Museum, which is based in St Bartholomew's Hospital at West Smithfield. It is a unique and fascinating venue as it houses over 5,000 medical specimens on display over 3 mezzanine levels of the Victorian museum

King's College London and Queen Mary University of London - Being Human festival hub 2019

The Speakers

Host: Jonathan Ogidi - Physician’s Associate, St George’s NHS Trust.

Rachel Jury - Patient Advocator and Educator

Jonathan Grigg - Professor of Paediatric Respiratory and Environmental Medicine, Queen Mary University of London

Caroline Alexander - Chief Nursing Officer at Bart’s Health NHS Trust

Simon Fleming - Osteopathic Surgeon, Bart’s Health NHS Trust

Kay Bridgeman - Simulated Patient and carer for her father who has Alzheimer’s disease

Melissa Oliver - Medical Student. Bart's and the London Medical School

Sean Ferguson - Senior Lecturer Paramedic Science, St George’s, NHS Trust

Annie Cushing - Emeritus Professor of Clinical Communication, Queen Mary University of London

The Artists

Featured artist: Alban Low

Contributing Artists:

Alex Blakey

Alix Edwards

Angela Fox

Angela Summerfield

Cameron Lings

Charlotte Morrison

Chris Dunseath

Chrissi Kelly

Daiane Medeiros

Daniele Bongiovanni 

Darrell Black

Dave Gowers

David Westwood

Dawes Gray

Deborah Swinglehurst

Elizabeth Knowles

Erin Dooley

Fatima Zahra Hassan

Fred Fabre

Hattie Salisbury

Heather Jukes

Heather Fiona Martin

Helena Baker

Jacqueline Talbot

Jane Bennett

Jane Walker

Janice Wheeler

Jeff Hunter

Jenny Meehan

Jennifer Weston

Jeremy Chan

Jess Heywood

Jilly Cragg

Jo Pearl

John Thompson

Julia Keenan

Julie Ball

Julie Clark

Julian Walker

Kate Walters

Kevin Acott

Klaus Pinter

Kyle Kruse

Laurie Baggett

Lizanne van Essen

Lorraine Udell

Lucy Macpherson

Marta Daeuble

Martketa Senkyrik

Mary Rouncefield

Malgorzata Dawidek

Misty Stokes

Natalie Abadzis

Natasha Kendall

Neha Sadik

Nicky Tann

Nicola Grellier

Nicola Turner

Nikki Yun

Radu Nastasia

Rebecca Ivatts

Renata Sinclair

Samantha McKee

Sophie Hulf

Stella Trip

Stephen McGowen

Stephen Pinnell

Susan Brisco

Susan Plover

Susana de Dios

Tao Robinson

Vanessa Stewart

Wen Ding

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